{IBEX} Spin, Don’t Roll

{IBEX} Spin, Don’t Roll

Innovation award winners at last month’s IBEX conference in Tampa, Florida included the Seakeeper 3 anti-roll system in the Mechanical Systems category. Designed for boats in the 30-39 foot range, the unit occupies little space, weighs less than 250 kg (550 lbs), consumes minimal power and operates quietly.

Rolling induces a fore-and-aft movement of the vacuum-housed gyroscope, generating significant port and starboard torque to counter the motion. According to the manufacturer, the flywheel spinning at up to 10,700 rpm eliminates up to 95% of roll.

The unit uses glycol/seawater cooling and is permanently sealed against harsh marine elements. Seakeeper’s “active control” judges sea conditions and ensures top performance in all circumstances. The company can custom retrofit the system with the leaning post option in as little as two days.


Read more about Boat stabilizers on NauticExpo website.

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