A New Environmentally Acceptable Lubricant for Tough Conditions


Rocol presents a new environmentally acceptable lubricant (EAL) for wires on vessels: Biogen Wireshield complies with the regulations that require EAL in all oil-to-sea interfaces on vessels in US waters (VGP regulation). According to VGP, all lubricants and its components must be biodegradable, minimally toxic and non-bio-cumulative. Biogen Wireshield also carries the European Ecolabel.

For onboard use, an automated lubricant system is recommended for the application of Biogen Wireshield. It reduces the probability of a pump blockage and increases the penetration of the lubricant into the core of the wire rope.

From -50° to +180°

This minimizes friction and maximizes corrosion resistance – Biogen Wireshield is supposed to withstand even in highly corrosive atmospheres. As wires are used in high temperatures (for example, during heaving processes) as well as in Arctic surroundings, the lubricant can withstand -50 to 180 degrees Celsius.

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