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    A Paddle-Board That Shines


    3CSup (Courtesy of Nerd)

    The NERD 3CSup is a stand-up paddle-board that stands out. Nominated for the 2017 Compasso d’Oro, it is ultra light—just 7 kg. The translucent board has an environment-sensitive cardboard core protected by a nature-friendly water-based coating. In addition, a valve built into the handle works like a whale’s blowhole, ventilating the interior to counter overpressure.

    Cork edge reinforcement is light, easily assembled and extremely smooth. Optimized lamination reduces the amount of material required.

    NERD plans to manufacture several different models in various sizes and with three surface pattern options. The company also envisions making boards from recycled and recyclable materials. Anticipated delivery dates range from late 2017 to the middle of 2018.


    3CSup (Courtesy of Nerd)

    Read more about stand-up paddle-boards on NauticExpo website.

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