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#13 - Personal Safety

Biki, the Fishy Drone

Biki drone (Courtesy of Robosea)

Robosea’s new underwater drone swims like a fish to depths of 60 meters for up to two hours. Biki’s sleek, hydrodynamic shape and WiFi operation allow it go nearly anywhere. Movement is generated by the flexible tail, which swings back and forth.

Its still/video camera has an anti-vibration feature to keep shots clear. The 4K wide-angle unit can store over two hours of 1080-pixel video or 5000+ eight-megapixel photos.

Biki uses infrared echolocation to avoid obstacles, and its GPS enables it to return automatically to a point determined by the waterproof remote control in the water or a smartphone out of the water. Meanwhile, details on how its underwater communication systems work remain scarce.

The unit is relatively quiet, emitting just 55 dB, about the level of normal conversation. The absence of a propeller makes Biki safe for children to use. Delivery is expected in September of this year. The Kickstarter price is 520 €, well below the 899 € list price.

About the Author

Michael Halpern is a US-born and bred writer with experience in radio. He has lived in southern France for 15 years. Michael is the copy editor of NauticExpo e-magazine.

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