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    {boot} Diving Safely


    Safety is enhanced by the latest dive computers (Courtesy of Aqua Lung)

    A major trend at boot Düsseldorf 2017 was the popularity of scuba diving, reflected in the large number of exhibitors. Germany alone counts 670,000 regular divers.

    However, there are obvious dangers associated with the sport. It’s important to monitor depth, dive times and air supply to avoid dangers such as nitrogen narcosis and decompression sickness, commonly known as the bends.

    Safety is enhanced by the latest dive computers, such as the new Aqua Lung i750TC (799 euros). Once you input your dive profile, it does all the calculations and sends the information to the DiverLog smartphone app via Bluetooth. It has four operating modes: Air (compressed air), Gauge (depth gauge), Nitrox (for mixed gas diving) and Free Dive. It also features a compass.

    More on dive computers here.

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    Kevin Green is a Sydney-based yachting journalist who contributes to international boating publications.

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