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    {Boot} An Easy Rowboat


    Mathieu Bonnier has—among other wild adventures—rowed single-handedly across the Atlantic and the Northwest Passage. This gave him plenty of time and opportunity to ponder how a lightly driven yet stable rowboat should look. Recently he teamed up with one of the leading designers of fast-performance sailboats, Sam Manuard. Out of this cooperation came a unique vessel: Liteboat LiteXP, a rowboat that is also a sailboat—and one that performs really well in both areas.

    This boat is made for exploring the wilderness with a sleeping bag and simple cooking gear in the little cabin below deck. Destination? The Scandinavian archipelago, lakes, or anywhere the coast has interesting places to offer. The boat is extremely light and moves effortlessly through the water, powered by sail or oars. It can easily be put on shore or moored close to the beach. The whole thing weighs 180 kilos and can be rigged in five minutes.



    About the Author

    Øyvind Bordal is a Norwegian writer and sailor, based in Denmark and Caribbean.

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