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#18 - Smart Ports

{Boot} Relaxed on the Water

The Loxo 32 by Pogo, a new generation of motorboats (Courtesy of Pogo)

This could constitute the beginning of a new generation of motorboats, initiated by Rand Boats: Lightly driven with lightweight hulls, in this case inspired by sailboats, made for a quiet and relaxed presence on the water, they also have extremely low fuel consumption. Loxo 32 is produced by Pogo, one of world’s leading yards when it comes to fast, high-performance cruising (and racing) sailboats.

Loxo 32 looks a lot like a sailboat, below and above deck, and has an extremely low planing threshold, made possible by the latest generation of CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics). The low weight is achieved by infusion (vacuum) moulding and an awareness of weight issues throughout the whole building process.

The boat is optimized for a speed range of 10-15 knots and can do 12 knots while consuming only 0.5 liters of diesel per nautical mile. Standard fuel capacity is 150 liters. In the single engine version, this provides you with a stunning range of 300 nautical miles (at 10 knots).

Read more about express cruisers on NauticExpo website.

About the Author

Øyvind Bordal is a Norwegian writer and sailor, based in Denmark and Caribbean.

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