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#20 - Recovering Waste

Clean Hulls with No Pollution


Neglected hull (Courtesy of Sailfeed)

The Canadian company Mirakapon promises big things with its new antifouling product MK300. It’s an antifouling solution that doesn’t pollute and doesn’t leave any material in the water. In addition to this, it is more powerful than any of the current antifouling products on the market. MK300 is a clear film that is difficult for living matter to attach to, and it achieves this with no silicone content.

How does it work? For the moment we don’t have too many details as the company simply states that the product is a chemical formula that sends a message deterring living organisms. It reduces the greasy layer of the boat which makes it harder for fouling to occur as larger colonizing organisms aren’t able to attach themselves to the boat’s hull. MK300 has the consistency of water and it coats the hull thoroughly making it very slippery.

The product can be applied directly on a boat’s gelcoat, no need for a primer, with a paintbrush, roller or sprayer. It can also be applied to any surface such as aluminum or bronze. You only need a thin layer of MK300 which is slightly sticky like a varnish. As a result, it covers double the surface area compared to the equivalent amount of paint at 20 to 30 square meters per liter. The product is currently being tested globally and is looking for international distributors.


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