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    First 3D-Printed Marine Propeller


    Damen Stan tug (Courtesy of Damen)

    RAMLAB, the port of Rotterdam’s additive manufacturing lab, is developing the first ship propeller manufactured using 3D-Printing technology. The joint effort includes partners Damen Shipyards, Promarin, Autodesk and Bureau Veritas.

    The propeller is based on a Promarin model found on a Damen tug. It measures 1,300 mm across and weighs about 160 kg. The lab will use wire arc additive manufacturing and Autodesk software to produce the piece.

    Don Hoogendoorn, principal research engineer at Damen, was quoted in a Port of Rotterdam press release as saying, “our aim is to construct more effective, cost-efficient and environmentally-friendly vessels. This project contributes to these goals.” RAMLAB is a pioneer in the field of 3D metal printing for the maritime sector (more information on RAMLAB in our February’s article).

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    Michael Halpern is a US-born and bred writer with experience in radio. He has lived in southern France for 15 years. He is our in-house NauticExpo anglophone translator.

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