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    Fuel Monitoring Goes Mobile


    Eco Pilot interface (Courtesy of C-Sense)

    French-based C-Sense has taken its Eco-Pilot for monitoring of fuel usage one step further with the development of its mobile version, Mobi-Pilot. Pierre-Alexis Dormegnies, maritime project leader at C-Sense, explains: “Having a mobile unit that you can take onboard allows more flexibility, as the device can be used for sea trials to test the vessel’s actual fuel usage.” The Piriou Shipyard in France already has begun using the system for sea trials.

    Mobi-Pilot comes with a carrying case with the data viewing device and SD cards. It uses a flow pack plugged into the engine, which measures consumption via inlet/outlet differential, or outlet only for common rail engines.

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    Samantha Fisk worked at RINA (The Royal Institution of Naval Architects) for 7 years and has now gone into freelance, working for European magazines.

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