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    Hands-Free Underwater Gauging


    The Cygnus DIVE Mk2 gauge is a wrist-mountable ultrasonic thickness measurement tool, which facilitates underwater assessment using its AMOLED display.

    At Sea Work Asia, Cygnus introduced a new measurement: The DIVE Mk2 now uses the single echo mode, relying on twin crystal probes. According to the company, this mode is useful for “uncoated surfaces that have extreme front face and back wall” and “attenuative materials such as cast iron, found in […] anchor chain links.”

    Two Echo Modes

    In the meantime, the DIVE Mk2 can still use the multiple echo mode, which ensures protective coatings up to 20mm thick are completely ignored.

    The new tool also keeps its diver-friendly features, particularly the 2.8” VGA color AMOLED display, which easesdata viewing for the diver and its camera.

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