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    ILUMEN 28M, Dominator’s New State-of-the-Art Yacht

    Dominator Ilumen 28M (Courtesy of Wim Vercauter)

    It took Dominator about 3 years and more than 10,000 hours of craftsmanship to carry this dream from sketch to reality. NauticExpo tested it. Technical characteristics can be found on NauticExpo website.


    The distinctive design of the ILUMEN 28M features curved glass surfaces and somewhat 20th century lines drawn by Italian designer Alberto Mancini. It takes some getting used to, but the effect is impressive.

    Dominator chose to build hull and deck using carbon fiber, epoxy and resin. This reduces weight and provides structural reinforcement. The hull is covered with paint instead of gelcoat. The striking bow shape is designed to cut through the waves easily.

    Fine Craft Materials

    On board, we see custom furniture and fine craft materials like white onyx, lacquered ebony, white oak, silk, Zimmer + Rohde fabrics, suede ceilings and nubuck leather. Decor is by Boutsen Design. The first ILUMEN also features an innovative audio/video, entertainment and domotic system developed by Videoworks. The flybridge can even be fitted with a spa.

    Dominator Ilumen Courtesy of Wim Vercauter

    Dominator Ilumen 28M (Courtesy of Wim Vercauter)

    The layout is state-of-the-art for a yacht of this length, and the interior is functional, ergonomic, spacious and aesthetically pleasing. The ILUMEN 28M perfectly balances comfort and style. The flybridge is sheltered by a well thought out sun roof. A unique detail is the direct access from the master stateroom to the foredeck.

    Dominator Ilumen Courtesy of Wim Vercauter

    Dominator Ilumen 28M (Courtesy of Wim Vercauter)

    Stable in All Conditions

    Thanks to the shipyard and the owner of the Kalliente, the first model by the way, we were able to experience the ILUMEN in open water. We initially feared  the high freeboard would reduce dynamic stability. But our Mediterranean outing showed that this yacht is stable in all conditions. Moreover, a Seakeeper gyro stabilizer and a Humphree Active Ride Control system reduce pitching and damp overall motion by up to 80 percent.

    In the Port of Monaco the ILUMEN stands out not by its size but by its appearance. And its modest dimensions make it easy to find a berth.

    Dominator Ilumen Courtesy of Wim Vercauter

    Dominator Ilumen 28M (Courtesy of Wim Vercauter)

    Two MAN V8-1200 diesel engines and twin push/pull counter-rotating propellers provide propulsion. We reached 13 knots with the engines at 1800 rpm. This results in fuel consumption of 206 liters an hour. A pleasant and reasonable speed to cruise is about 16 knots, to obtain a range above 600 nautical miles. For long distances, an economic speed of 10 knots should allow a range above 1500 Nm. The ILUMEN is easy to steer, and the thruster is needed only when maneuvering in port.

    Our experience on this 28 meters yacht is above our expectations and corresponds to what you can expect on board a mega yacht.

    Specifications for semi-displacement version tested:

    • Length overall: 27.35 m (stern platform open)
    • Beam: 6.58 m
    • Max. draft: 1.75 m (inc. propellers)
    • Displacement: 95,000 kg
    • CE category: A
    • MCA standard: MGN 280
    • Max. Engine power: 2×1200 hp (max. 2×2400)
    • Fuel capacity: 11,800 liters
    • Freshwater capacity: 1,900 liters
    About the Author

    Wim Vercauter is a freelance boating editor and a fire safety expert.

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