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{Dubai Show} Immaculate Night Vision

The Ulysses II thermal imaging system (Courtesy of Omnisense Systems)

Enjoying a cruise while sailing choppy waters or navigating in the dark just got easier with Ulysses II by Singaporean company Omnisense Systems. This multi-sensor thermal imaging system for marine-based applications was unveiled for the very first time at the Dubai International Boat Show in March.

Ulysses 2  (Courtesy of Omnisense Systems)

It assesses the temperature of people or objects in infrared light and feeds the information as images or videos to the touch display screen with digital video output of up to 1,080 pixels (HD). The thermal camera boasts a continuous electronic zoom of up to 4 times. “Sometimes, night vision equipment accommodates too much light. Our system works even in complete darkness and so whether there is haze, dense humidity or smoke, the vessel can navigate safely as the system increases night vision capabilities,” Leonard Lim, CEO, said.

“We’ve incorporated the technology that is military in nature and licensed the system for commercial applications. This means that our users, who are yacht users, are able to use the system without limitations in terms of applications, usage, and location.”

Moreover, the display console is user-friendly. “In case of surveillance, all you have to do is tap the screen on the person or object of interest and the monitor latches onto the figure,” he added. “Another benefit is the high-resolution image quality and frame rate in all lighting conditions.” Ulysses II is ideal for search and rescue operations and to avoid the collision of vessels.

Read more about night vision video cameras on NauticExpo website.

About the Author

Jan D'Sa is a Dubai-based reporter and technical writer.

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