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    The Deep Blue Sea Turns Green

    Twenty decks, 165,167 gross tons, 325 meters long…and almost no SOx emissions. The M/V Norwegian Escape, the behemoth on the front cover, is one of the most striking examples of the greening of the maritime industry.

    In issue #1 of NauticExpo e-Magazine, you’ll get an overview of eco-friendly technologies, whether driven by regulatory requirements or the desire to increase sustainability. These include LNG propulsion, emissions scrubbers, ballast water treatments, new hull designs facilitating slow steaming and more.

    Most of these technologies were on display at Hamburg’s SMM fair. In this issue you can read about SMM’s hot topics, such as cybersecurity and autonomous vessels.

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    Hot Topic
    Doubling the fuel cost of operations is something that no owner can be relishing


    When it comes to the cost of the shipping industry meeting environmental regulations, the next expensive outlay on most owners’ shopping lists will be the purchase of a ballast water treatment system. That will need to happen within the next five or six years, but very shortly after that, owners will have another...

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    Hot Topic
    More than 1,000 vessels should be LNG-propelled by 2020

    Ship owners are increasingly turning to natural-gas-powered vessels, whether out of concern for the environment or for financial reasons. Abundant and stable in price, this fuel seems to be a viable alternative to oil. According to DNV GL, more than 1,000 vessels should be LNG-propelled by 2020, compared to around 70 today.

    New LNG-compatible technologies are already on board, from fuel gas supply systems to insulation membranes and boil-off reliquefaction systems. Check out our infographics to learn more about them.
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    Hot Topic
    The largest driver for cutting CO2 emissions for an existing vessel is to drive slower

    There are many commercial options for shipowners to make their fleet more environmentally friendly and to meet new regulations.  One option on the market is for shipowners to slow down: Opting for slow steaming can cut both fuel costs and emissions. Over recent years the shipping industry has been hit by environmental...

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    Tony Slinn

    Formerly editor-in-chief of IHS Maritime, Tony Slinn is an independent maritime journalist.

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    Camille Rustici

    Camille Rustici is a Journalist with years of experience in business issues.

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    Samantha Fisk

    Samantha Fisk worked at RINA for 7 years and has now gone into freelance for European magazines.

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    Malcolm Latarche

    Malcolm Latarche is a freelance marine journalist with a strong focus on technology and regulation.

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    Kristina Müller

    Kristina Müller is a freelance journalist writing mainly about nautical and medical issues.

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    Ludovic Nachury

    Journalist and innovation enthusiast for more than 10 years, Ludovic Nachury is VirtualExpo e-magazine’s editor-in-chief.

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