{Seawork} Kill the Engine, not the Driver

NauticExpo e-magazine looks at three of the most innovative products found at the 21st anniversary edition of Seawork International, held from July 3-5 in Southampton UK. The judging panel selected Lifecord from Landau UK for its overall 2018 Spirit of Innovation Award. Landau also won the Safety & Training award for Lifecord, which is a ‘smart’ kill cord that incorporates detection technology designed to trigger both audible and visual alarms should it be connected to the boat’s kill switch but not the boat’s driver.

“It’s similar to the seatbelt warning in your car,” a Landau spokesman explained. “This new design provides the certainty and reliability of a tethered connection between a boat’s engine ignition kill switch and the driver, ensuring the vessel’s engine stops should the driver be inadvertently thrown from the helm.”

“Lifecord’s uniquely designed key and clasp connector is comfortable to wear and can be operated easily—even while wearing gloves,” he continued. “It also offers a secondary method of pilot connection using an ergonomically-designed lifejacket key, which can be permanently fitted to lifejackets. Lifecord ensures that should a driver leave the helm when the boat’s engine is ticking over in neutral, he is reminded to reconnect the cord on his return. That also ensures a driver change results in the new driver being reminded to connect.”

Lifecord costs GBP 89.95 (EUR 102) and includes the lifejacket key. Landau has also signed a deal with major UK boat insurer GJW Direct giving Lifecord owners a 10% insurance premium discount on all new policies for both existing and new customers.



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