Lifting Boats in Beauty

Lifting Boats in Beauty

The boating industry has seen increased demand for dry vessel storage space. At the same time, new technology is being developed to handle these needs, like the NO PROFILE Boat Lift system.


As vessels get larger and more technically advanced, the boating industry is seeing the development of additional stacking systems.

“This has led to the explosion in dry stacks and the newest shift in marinas, as I see it, is the need for boat lifts. We have seen marinas removing wet slips and adding boat lifts to meet the demand of boat owners with these larger boats,” stated Chris Way, CEO of NO PROFILE Boat Lifts.

The Florida-based company designed its 35K No Profile boat lift system to facilitate one of the Westrec Marinas dry stack operations encompassing a formidable pile of 608 boats. Its use significantly speeds up boat launching and retrieval. The main advantage of this unique boat lift is that it eliminates the superstructure typical of existing systems, removing obstructions and the visible clutter spoiling the view. The hidden lift machinery enables the boat owner to walk completely around the vessel for easy access and maintenance. Its flat platform and removable modular components help protect it from hurricane or flood damage.

Aesthetically Pleasing Systems

The firm has seen further demand from marinas around the world, including Sweden, Bermuda, Latvia and Jordan. Looking to the future, Way added, “We are also working on a project that will come online in the spring that will include 14 condos that will be built over the water with our No Profile boat lift system creating the ground floor.”


No visual pollution with the NO PROFILE boat lift system (Courtesy of Garland & Garland)

NO PROFILE Boat Lifts has been involved in projects ranging from clients seeking a lift for individual use to much larger endeavors. Way points out that its Bermuda project is the third on the island, as marinas now desire more aesthetically pleasing systems. “With NO PROFILE Boat Lifts as the alternative, I expect a lot more architects will come knocking on the door,” he adds.

The installation in Jordan is similar to the one designed and built for Westrec Marinas. “The only difference is they want a service lift that they can roll trailers onto and launch boats and retrieve them. We are still working on the engineering details to build this lift, but I expect to have things ready to go by the end of January.”

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