Like in a Movie Theater

Like in a Movie Theater

Do you own a superyacht? No? Well, when you finally get one, the C Seed Supermarine will be the TV and sound system you want.

The TV is huge (144 or 201 inch), and when you don’t want it there anymore, just push a button, and it will fold up and be swallowed by the floor. It sounds like something out of a James Bond movie, but it’s real. When activated, the TV rises from the sub floor compartment in 15 seconds. Then it unfolds in another 45 seconds. The LED panels have a luminosity of 4.500 nits, which is off the charts—so you can watch TV in the midst of the Caribbean sun, should you wish to do so. The TV can also rotate 180 degrees.

The C Seed Supermarine speakers are a design showcase to match, machined out of massive blocks of aluminium with stainless steel details. The sound spreads out and can cover even huge superyacht decks. You will need a fairly sizable boat for all this though—and a wallet to match. The speakers weigh in at 119 kg.


The C-SEED Supermarine TV (Credit: C-SEED)

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