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    METS 2017 Special Issue

    For the last issue of the year, we’re exploring the world's largest marine equipment trade show, held from November 14-16 in Amsterdam. Revolutionary flat panel antennas, more autonomy for superyachts, boat recycling and hybrid and green power for leisure craft are among the hot topics debated at this year’s METS. We’re also offering you a taste of some of the...

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    Mikhail S. Vorontsov superyacht (Courtesy of YachtCharterFleet)


    Superyachts featuring more and more autonomous functions is a hot topic at this year’s METS, but challenges remain.   Are superyachts plotting a course toward full autonomy? Kongsberg Maritime sales manager Roger Trinterud doesn’t think so. “Generally, I think it’s fair to say that people want to be served by people. In...

    Abandoned boat (Shutterstock)

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    Abandoned boats are piling up, and the industry has no efficient system for dealing with them. The good news is that fiberglass can be recycled, but the big issue is volume.   Two years ago, the industry organized a conference on reuse and recycling at METS. At this year’s show, the subject is drawing renewed...

    Nathan Kundtz, founder and CEO of Kymeta, talks about the technology behind the mTenna (Courtesy of Johnny Andrews/The Seattle Times)


    Data-hungry users are pushing the satellite receiver market to upscale, requiring more obtrusive domes on yachts. But some innovative companies attending METS this year are taking a different approach with revolutionary flat panel antenna systems.   The American start-up Kymeta, which received seed capital from Bill...

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    3D Printing

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    Welcome to NauticExpo e-magazine

    Enjoy a brand new reader experience with the initial issue of NauticExpo e-magazine while discovering the latest innovations...