August 24, 2017

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    Wearability: the Watchword for Lifejackets

    PanPan Can Save Your Bacon

    Offshore Telemedicine for All

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    Safer and Smarter

    Safety at sea means having the right attitude and respecting proper procedures. That said, a little help from cutting-edge manufacturers can’t hurt. In this issue, we dig through some spectacular nautical equipment which could make your next trip safer and smarter. Think connected life jackets from a European Space Agency project. Think beacons to check onboard crew presence continuously. Think easy-to-use...

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    Can telemedicine saves shipowners money? (Courtesy of Martek Marine)


    UK-based Martek Marine has launched its latest in telemedicine—iVital. The system won’t just save lives, but also could save shipowners money. Charlie Whyman, head of marketing, spoke to NauticExpo e-magazine.   NE e-mag: How does iVital work? Charlie Whyman: The medically certified hardware and software can be used by...

    Jason Schot, PanPan founder (Courtesy of PanPan)

    Dutchman Jason Schot created the PanPan Beacon and App in January 2016. Soon after, it received  the 2017 Pittman Innovation Award and can be found on NauticExpo website. This smart, inexpensive crew monitor consists of a beacon and a simple phone app to constantly check everyone’s presence on board. Jason told us...

    Clipper Round the World Race (Courtesy of Brian Carlin)


    Innovations including satellite technology and advanced alerting devices are bringing lifejackets into the 21st century. But wearability remains key.   NauticExpo e-mag spoke with three manufacturers, who all agreed that designing lifejackets that people want to wear, especially for long periods, should be the major...

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    Welcome to NauticExpo e-magazine

    Enjoy a brand new reader experience with the initial issue of NauticExpo e-magazine while discovering the latest innovations...