December 15, 2016

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    How Big Data Is Lifting Cranes

    Autonomous, Underwater and Surface: Meet AUSS

    Going Green Pushes ROV Technology to the Fore

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    The Smart Way to Security

    Are drones and ROVs your new best friends? From a security standpoint, almost certainly. With new regulations released on a regular basis and unprecedented levels of threats and environmental concerns, getting a little help from autonomous robotic workers seems to be the smartest solution. In this 5th issue of NauticExpo e-Magazine, you’ll learn how next-gen drones can protect you, while ROVs...


    Hull cleaning and inspection are everyday elements of maintaining a vessel. With remotely operated vehicles (ROVs), shipowners can carry out these tasks efficiently and without excessive costs. Rotterdam port’s EXCEL initiative, for startup businesses, has seen further developments in unmanned technology. One such...

    Underwater drones, or Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUV) are nothing new in subsea security. But that didn’t stop French manufacturer Thales from creating a sensation at the Euronaval trade fair with a beast of a different stripe: the Autonomous Underwater & Surface System (AUSS). This elegantly designed drone can...


    Rostock-based German manufacturer Liebherr is one of the first maritime companies to use big data as an IT tool. With the introduction of the LiDAT smartApp and a big data platform, which optimizes the performance of its cranes at ports and terminals globally, Liebherr has made it possible to quickly analyze operating...

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