• #10 - Underwater

    Looking Deep and Wide

    DFF-3D multi-beam sidescan sonar (Courtesy of Furuno)

    Furuno’s DFF-3D multi-beam sidescan sonar yields detailed 3D images of fish in the water column and seabed profiles to 200 meters, well beyond the range of competing systems. Minimum range is three meters and the primary vertical beam can reach 300 meters down. The beams cover a swath of 120°, port to starboard.

    The unit distinguishes rock from sand bottoms and differentiates superimposed images. Its memory function helps users understand the nature of the zone and plan fishing tactics. The sounder connects to the TZtouch monitors, and offers the possibility of various display modes.

    A built-in motion sensor corrects for boat movement, ensuring clear, stable images. Installation is simplified by the compact transducer. Transmission frequency is 165 mHz and output power is 800 W. The unit offers Ethernet and external KP ports, and a protection rating of IP55. The DFF-3D should be on the market this coming June.

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    Michael Halpern is a US-born and bred writer with experience in radio. He has lived in southern France for 15 years. He is our in-house NauticExpo anglophone translator.

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