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#2 - Foiling Frenzy

Mercury’s Active Trim, Dummy-Proof


Many skippers are used to trimming their outboard engine or sterndrive manually—besides, experienced helmsman never like dummy-proof solutions. We also had our doubts until we tested the Active Trim system.

This intuitive hands-free system continually adjusts the engine trim to deliver a better overall driving experience. No knowledge of trimming an engine is needed. As the boat accelerates, the engine will trim out. As the boat decelerates, the engine will trim in.
The key to Mercury’s Active Trim is its exclusive and patented GPS-based control system. Unlike systems that use only engine RPM to control the trim, Mercury’s Active Trim controls the trim in accordance with boat speed and engine RPM. The system can be overridden at any time by using the regular manual trim buttons.

About the Author

Wim Vercauter is a freelance boating editor and a fire safety expert.

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