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    {MIBS} Opulence—Explorer 80E

    Explorer 80E interior (Courtesy of Marlow Yachts)

    The largest yacht at MIBS, this ocean-going vessel is nearly 87 ft-long (26.42 m) with a 21 ft 6 in (6.55 m) beam and brings to mind the elegance and luxury of classic ocean liners.

    Impeccable woodwork is another major feature. The Explorer 80E boasts grain-matched veneers throughout, achieved by the use of a single tree for the entire yacht. Its wheelhouse array of modern instruments, gauges and information panels is set in a beautiful teak console. You climb to the accommodation deck via a curved teak stairway. Hanging lockers and bookcases are cedar-lined. And with a minimum of ten coats of varnish, interiors have a deep, warm, welcoming glow.

    Modern luxury also abounds. The large aft deck has options including hidden grills and built-in couches that maintain the open space feel. Additional features for entertaining include a wine locker and entertainment center featuring a TV cabinet with pneumatic lifts, as well as a wet bar and icemaker.

    That open feel continues as you enter the saloon, which has an unobstructed view through to the wheelhouse. And galley options include 360-degree windows. Even the pristine engine room—the Explorer 80E has Caterpillar power units—has stand-up headroom. Not just comfortable, but practical for facilitating engine maintenance.

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