Mission Biosphère

Mission Biosphère

Corentin de Chatelperron, captain of the Nomade des Mers, is leaving the ship for four months to complete the Mission Biosphère. Corentin has been sailing the Nomade des Mers around the world since February 2016 in search of different forms of low technology as a low-tech ambassador.

The Mission Biosphère means Corentin will spend four months on a traditional fisherman’s platform in Thailand completely autonomously using a mix of low-technology to meet his vital needs. He will be assisted by a team of experts remotely. The health and science coordinator for the Mission Biosphère, Anne-Claire Bihan-Poudec’s goal is to ensure the potential value of the results of the mission in one or more scientific fields. In order to achieve this, a panel of technical experts was put together to help support Corentin and guide him in his choices.

The results of the experiment will help develop a scale for frugal and economical living that could be applied to other places, such as disaster zones or resource-poor areas. In order to gauge the impact of the experience, Corentin’s nutrition and sleeping habits will be monitored and analyzed so they can be optimized for similar future experiments. Corentin will share his low-tech day-to-day life with a logbook explaining his choices, thoughts, doubts, frustrations etc. Laura Sardi will also direct a documentary about the experience with the aim of popularizing low-technology for a broader audience.

The Mission Biosphère began in February and will continue until May.

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