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Multihulls of the Year!

The Corsair 760 rewarded (Courtesy of Corsair Marine)

For the first time in 2018, Multihulls World, Multicoques Mag and the International Multihull Boat Show have organized the election of the Multihull of the Year. The election took place at the show in La Grande Motte on April 19.

The interesting part is that readers, sailors, racers, and users of the nominated boats got to select the winners. After over 10,000 votes, the definitive results by category were:

>> Under 40 feet: 1/ Corsair 760, 2/ Aventura 34, 3/ TF10

>> 40 to 50 feet: 1/ Lagoon 50, 2/ Marsaudon TS5, 3/ Mc Conaghy 50

>> Over 50 feet: 1/ Neel 51, 2/ Seawind 1600, 3/ Rapido 60

>> Power Multihulls: 1/ Aquila 36, 2/ Lagoon SEVENTY 8, 3/ Solarwave 64

The list of nominees for the 2019 vote will be made public on the opening day of the Annapolis Boat Show on October 4, 2018.

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Celia Sampol has been a journalist for 15 years. She worked in Brussels and Washington for national media (Agence France Presse, Liberation). She's the editor-in-chief of NauticExpo e-magazine.

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