One Radar Fits All

One Radar Fits All

Simultaneous long-range and short-range detection with the same equipment—this is the capability Simrad’s Halo radar will deliver to recreational boaters.

Halo differs in its use of solid state technology, usually better for short-range detection. The addition of long-range performance enables it to identify objects as close as 20 feet and as far away as 72 nautical miles.

Another interesting feature is its dual mode. Halo can monitor two distance ranges at the same time, and display the results on a split screen.
Solid state also provides safety benefits. At their booth at Boot Dusseldorf, Simrad explained that people standing next to a Halo would be subject to emission levels only slightly higher than those of a cellphone.

Halo_-_High_Speed_Targets_TRACK_MULTIPLE_HIGH-SPEED_TARGETS_ With_high-speed_operation_Halo_shows_target_trails_of_four_fast-moving_jet_skis_in_Clearwater_Florida_harbour_11135


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