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Protection From Overcurious Drones


D-Fence, a drone-detection system (Courtesy of Martek Marine)

You are out on your yacht for a nice, relaxing day on the water. It’s calm, quiet, intimate. What could be more annoying than a drone that comes hovering by to interrupt your private paradise? According to the company Martek Marine, not much. They’ve developed D-Fence, a drone-detection system for superyachts to prevent this problem.

All you have to do is install the control unit on the yacht, and it will then detect and identify commercial drones flying within a 20 km range. The system can be configured to assess the threat level quickly so that appropriate measures can be taken. If the drone threat proves to be real, the system creates a 500 m+ electronic exclusion zone around the boat. If the drone enters this zone, the system will block its control/video signal and its fail-safe mode will be activated, making it land or return to its operator.

D-Fence allows you to monitor the GPS position and flight path of the potential threat as well as view your drone detection data history. You can also identify the drone’s model number and use a private or public cloud setup for your data storage. Uninvited flying guests could be a thing of the past.

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