Safety First Through Virtual Reality

Safety First Through Virtual Reality

Lloyd’s Register launched its Virtual Reality Safety Simulator at this year’s Offshore Technology Conference in Houston, Texas.

The software is designed to raise awareness of on-site safety issues and facilitate risk assessment in the oil and gas industry. Offshore platforms and onshore plants are particularly complex, requiring close coordination among entire crews for proper operation.

The Simulator  immerses users in a life-like environment where they must manipulate complicated equipment, deal with harsh climatic conditions and face realistic emergencies. For example, the demo video shows virtual workers being knocked off equipment by a high-pressure leak and crushed by falling machinery. The tool helps identify problem sources and solutions.

The system familiarizes new employees with typical scenarios and standard operating procedures, enabling them to undertake tasks as soon as they arrive in the field. This virtual-practice-makes-perfect approach should reduce errors, help protect the environment, save money and perhaps even lives.


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