• #10 - Underwater

    Seabob Scoots and Shoots

    Seabob F5 SR underwater scooter (Courtesy of Aqua Marine)

    The new Seabob F5 SR underwater scooter features two built-in cameras for filming aquatic scenery and rider exploits. One points toward the deep, while the dashboard unit enables selfie videos. The cameras are operational to 40 meters and images can be downloaded to a smartphone or other device wirelessly.

    Weighing 35 kilos and featuring greater thrust than previous models, this Seabob has aft lateral fins for better hydrodynamics. The electric water-jet can drive it to 22 km/h on the surface and 20 underwater. Manufacturer Cayago AG calls the craft “the world’s fastest underwater scooter.”

    It offers 300 minutes of operating time at the lowest speed level and 60-70 minutes at level seven, the maximum. Standard recharge takes eight hours, with a quick-charge requiring just 90 minutes. There are various color and finish options, and a pilot belt system. The onboard screen displays real-time video images or operating data. Previous Seabob models can be retrofitted with cameras by the factory. Prices start at 14,180 euros.


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