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    {Seawork} Blueye Pioneer Underwater Drone


    Blueye Pioneer Underwater Drone (Courtesy of Blueye Robotics)

    Blueye Robotics presented the Blueye Pioneer, its latest underwater drone, at the Seawork International trade show. The company hopes the price tag of about €3000 will allow more people to see what’s happening under the waves.

    The drone’s three thrusters facilitate maneuvers. The Pioneer’s batteries provide two hours of operation before recharging. The drone can reach depths of 150 meters on its 250-meter tether. Blueye Robotics announced that production will start next year, with initial deliveries expected in March 2018.


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    Samantha Fisk worked at RINA (The Royal Institution of Naval Architects) for 7 years and has now gone into freelance, working for European magazines.

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