#19 - Multihulls

Smart Sailing


The Allures 49.5 is fully connected (Courtesy of Allures Yachting)

How smart can a sailboat be? Just ask Kara Technology. The startup, known for its multi-user chart tables, is working on other solutions to make life out on the water easier. It chose the Allures 45.9 sailboat to test its smart EVA system, making it the first fully-connected pleasure craft.

One hundred thirty sensors were installed onboard to allow the system to collect exhaustive data on the boat’s status. This data is immediately available to the user through a screen, tablet or smartwatch, and is combined with external data such as weather conditions for even more relevant information. In a not-too-distant future, the system will lead to new services for boats such as decision-making and boat handling assistance as well as help finding a berth etc. This spring, a navigation program for the boat will be launched with two main goals–͢gaining systematic data on how the sailboat is used for ocean cruising and testing the solution thoroughly before it is put on the market.

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