{SMM} A Milestone for Autonomous Shipping

{SMM} A Milestone for Autonomous Shipping

Global technology company ABB chose SMM to launch its Ability Marine Pilot Control (AMPC) system, “the next-generation dynamic positioning [DP] system that paves the way towards autonomous shipping.” The launch was complemented by classification society Lloyd’s Register’s simultaneous announcement that the system had been granted LR’s Approval in Principle certificate.

“We are focused on supporting the introduction of new solutions to the shipping industry that enhance safer, more efficient and sustainable ship operations,” LR marine & offshore commercial director David Barrow noted at SMM in early September in Hamburg. “As digital technologies progress, increased collaboration between original equipment manufacturers, classification societies and ship owners will become key. This project highlights the collaborative work ethic between LR and ABB to achieve this milestone.”

AMPC employs algorithms that calculate the optimal way to execute a command for controlling a vessel in any operational situation. It integrates with existing ship equipment and offers easy installation and maintenance.

“It’s pioneering technology that will act as a stepping stone into the future of autonomous shipping,” stated ABB senior VP Mikko Lepistö. “To enable autonomous shipping, we need a DP system that replaces traditional solutions designed for disconnected operations and offers tangible safety and efficiency benefits. AMPC does exactly that.”

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