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    Taboo to the Ends of the Earth


    90-meter superyacht Taboo (Courtesy of Gill Schmid Design)

    Taboo, a 90-meter ice class concept super-yacht is the fruit of a collaboration between New York’s Gill Schmid Design and Tim Dempers Studio in Cape Town.

    Conceived for global exploration, it can handle conditions from polar to tropical. It combines the performance of a commercial vessel with luxury to suit the most demanding owner.

    A helideck with retractable garage, storage for tenders and amphibious vehicles to 14+ meters are just some of the special features. The vessel can even be equipped with a hot air balloon. A stern gantry crane handles tender launch and recovery. Full-depth glass swimming pool, jacuzzis, gym, spa, entertainment areas and aquariums offer multiple onboard possibilities. One-way glazing ensures privacy in sensitive areas, while offering magnificent exterior views. An aft “summer house” can serve as lounge, casino or VIP guest quarters. Taboo has accommodation for 26+ guests and 40+ crew.

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