#19 - Multihulls

The Astonishing Quad 44

The Quad 44 (Courtesy of Quad Marine)

With the Quad 44, Quad Marine brings us an innovative electric catamaran that breaks with traditional design in order to improve performance, safety and comfort. The Quad 44 has a raised cabin with a 4 ft. narrow beam optimizing it for performance while significantly reducing drag and increasing speed. Its aerodynamic design also reduces the impact of strong winds out on the open water. Powered electrically for clean and silent navigation, it is also equipped with two solar arrays for longer cruising.

Boarding is made safe and easy with a 2 ft. long freeboard, eliminating the need for boarding stairs. For mooring with the stern towards the dock (Mediterranean mooring), the Quad 44 has a gangway that extends out from under the aft deck. This can come back in at night for increased security. The upper main hull boasts 40% more space than inside classic catamarans. Additionally, the four cabins are raised and insulated from noise and cold water ensuring an optimal, comfortable experience for passengers.


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