The Elan GT5—Fast and Luxurious

The Elan GT5—Fast and Luxurious

Following Les Nauticales boat show in the southern French city of La Ciotat, Blue Touch invited our in-house expert to deliver the Elan GT5 back to her home port of Marseille.



The interior design and the quality of the furnishings merit the gran turismo label. With the GT5, you will surely enjoy fast and very comfortable cruising. The first thing you notice when you go below is the spaciousness and the headroom of the saloon. While the roof height means you have to step up and down to handle the mainsail, it makes for a excellent visibility forward. In addition, tall persons will appreciate being able to move through the cabin without ducking their heads. It also makes the cabin very bright, though we find the overall decor a bit monotone when the sunlight fades.

You will also find plenty of stowage all around, a folding bench that transforms into either a chart table or a single berth, nicely designed switches and high-quality equipment and furnishings. The GT5 comes in four versions, with two or three cabins and one or two heads.

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We like the lines of this fast cruiser, based on the E5 and S5 hull featuring a pronounced chine. With a large cockpit and well organized Harken deck hardware close to the steering wheels, the invitation to sail is clear, while guests enjoy a comfortable ride. Seats with good backrests together with large tables to share food and drink provide a nice spot to relax without hindering boat handling.

A barbeque and a fridge are hidden below the rear benches to make the most of the space. The stern platform is easily accessible, and it does not spoil the transom lines when it’s folded up.

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With a 40-hp Volvo Penta engine, a saildrive, twin rudders and a Quick bow thruster, maneuvering in and out the marina is easy. The GT5 turns nearly within its own length without using the bow thruster.

As soon as the sails are set, even in the lightest breeze, the helm is responsive for a boat of this size. With six to eight knots on a flat sea, we moved easily at five knots. Farther offshore we had 12 knots of wind, choppy seas and a solid two meter residual swell. Despite these less-than-ideal conditions, the GT5 sailed surprisingly well at a good eight knot average. With the swell on the beam, it was remarkably stable. Arriving in Marseille in a thunderstorm and 25 knots of wind at 120 true wind angle, the twin rudders enabled the boat to track well under full mainsail and genoa.

In conclusion, the GT5 is a fast, comfortable, seaworthy, high-quality cruiser.

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– Hull length: 12.41 m / 40′ 8″
– Waterline length: 11.58 m / 37′ 1″
– Beam: 3.91 m / 12′ 9″
– Draft: 2.45 m / 8 ft
– Ballast: 2700 kg / 5900 lbs
– Light displacement: 8300 kg / 18,300 lbs
– Mainsail: 44.6 m² / 480 ft²
– Genoa: 38.1 m² / 410 ft²
– Spinnaker: 135 m² / 1463 ft²
– Hull construction: glassfiber-foam core-vinylester sandwich infusion
– Architect: Humphreys Yacht Design

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