The First Inflatable Windsurf Rig

Inflation technology has successfully conquered beach life. Yesterday it was just the rubber boat. Today watersports enthusiasts routinely use inflatable kite sails and SUP boards. Now, leading kitesurf and sail makers North Kiteboarding and NorthSails have developed the first inflatable windsurfing rig, with the potential to seduce beginners, in particular.

The iRIG ONE could end the transportation problems created by long, heavy windsurf gear. Available in three sizes and weighing no more than 1.4 to 2.2 kilograms, the gear fits into an ordinary sports bag when deflated.
Manufacturers claim it is 70 percent lighter than a conventional rig. This makes carrying the mast-sail combination across the beach and lifting the rig out of the water easier than ever before. The light weight also reduces risk of injury.

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