Torqeedo 100% Electric Tender

Torqeedo 100% Electric Tender

Together with the world leader in marine electric propulsion, Germany-based Torqeedo, Avon (Zodiac Nautic Group) has developed the eJET 450. This 100% electric tender “solves the most pressing problems faced by yacht owners,” according to Torqeedo: carrying fuel for tenders, changing oil, dealing with reliability issues and costly maintenance.

These tenders are equipped with the 55 kW Deep Blue electric motor from Torqeedo and the latest generation of automotive battery (30.5 kWh used in the BMW i3). The eJET gets 90 minutes of range at 23 knots (7 hours at 5 knots) and achieves a max speed of 31 knots thanks to its Hydrojet technology. The eJETs also carry connected capabilities allowing them to be maintained and upgraded directly through the Internet.

The eJET 450 features high-quality hypalon fabric, electrically-retractable seats by Serge Ferrari with a quilted finish sewn by hand in France. The range is entirely customizable with hundreds of options available.


eJET 450 flux (Credit: Torqeedo)


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