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    When Sunshine Replaces the Fuel Tank


    No more generator noise to ruin the sunset at the anchorage and an end to regular stops at the fuel dock. The Solarwave 62 received NauticExpo’s i-NOVO ECO Award for this promising future. The 62 is the latest in a line of fully autonomous all-electric catamarans produced by the Swiss company Solarwave and Turkish shipyard NEDSHIP.

    NE-Encart_Buying_Tips_480x270px_GrisSince its presentation last year in Cannes, construction has begun on hull number three of the ocean-going luxury yacht. Solar panels cover every square centimeter of the roof and the retractable flybridge hardtop, supplying power to the electric motor and every on-board device that requires energy.
    Surplus panel production charges a battery pack for cloudy days. The catamaran is available in Cruiser, Power and Sailor versions, with options including an auxiliary diesel engine and other gear.

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