Tony Slinn

Image Trump Tariffs Rebound on the Recreational Boat Industry
Image Cosmos—Another Success for Dutch Superyacht Builders
Image Japanese Biocide-Free Antifouling Coating
Image Automated Mooring for e-Ferries
Image ABB and Ballard Developing Marine Fuel Cell
Image Antwerp’s Autonomous Sounding Vessel
Image World’s First All-Electric Tug in Turkey
Image Sharktech Autonomous Vessels
Image World’s First LNG-Powered Fishing Vessel
Image Canada’s First Fully-Electric Ferries
Image Why AI Will Transform the Maritime Industry
Image Maersk’s US $2  Million in Backing for The Ocean Cleanup
Image World’s First Autonomous Zero Emissions Cargo Terminal
Image {SMM} World’s First Blockchain Class Register
Image Engineering Autonomous Collision Avoidance
Image {SMM} A Milestone for Autonomous Shipping
Image {SMM} Globalizing the Maritime IoT
Image New Zealand Implements Biofouling Standard
Image The World’s First Passenger Ship with a Rotor Sail
Image {SMM} Building the Smart Shipping Future
Image {Seawork} Sunshine Superstar
Image World’s First Auto-Docking Installation
Image {Seawork} When you Need Global Insight
Image {Seawork} Kill the Engine, not the Driver
Image Building Fire Safety Into Marine Batteries
Image RALamander to the Rescue
Image Welcome to the First Offshore Solar Energy Farm
Image VOC—From Waste to Energy
Image The First Autonomous Shipping Company
Image Is Hydrogen the Future?
Image Flying Through the Water
Image {MIBS} Innovation—Mercury VesselView Suite
Image WaveRoller—a Surge in Technology
Image {MIBS} Opulence—Explorer 80E
Image {MIBS} Fun—MasterCraft XStar
Image Smooth Sailing for the Wes Amelie’s Conversion to LNG
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